Monday, May 25th, 2015

ROCK OF AGES – Tickets Exclusively on Sale from us – for 2 weeks before general release!

We have some EXCITING NEWS! My Travel Extras Theatre Tickets has secured an EXCLUSIVE 2 WEEK PRE-RELEASE SALE PERIOD on the eagerly awaited new West End hit ‘ROCK OF AGES’. The show is a massive hit on Broadway, also has an Australian and US National Tour production running and now looks set to rock the West End! It has now found a home in The Shaftesbury Theatre, where it will start previewing... [Read more]

Handicapped People Can Much More Readily Use Lightweight Travel Wheelchairs

Accessible wheelchair travel is becoming a lot less complicated nowadays as the majority of sectors are now fully geared to disabled or mobile impaired people. Now that there are lightwight travel wheelchairs there are fewer problems for the disabled travel enthusiast. Disabled people can have all sorts of problems to which today there seems to be a different wheelchair available for whatever problem... [Read more]

Ways To Cut The Cost Of Domestic Airfare

There was once a time when travel was affordable. Well maybe not completely affordable but certainly less expensive than now. Flying anywhere these days is about as difficult as trying to afford a second home. In fact plane tickets are so expensive right now most people opt for stay-cations or conference calling instead of vacations and business trips. Of course stay-cations are affordable and cost... [Read more]

A Guide to Surf Holidays for Beginners

Surfing is a highly enjoyable and exciting sport that suits anyone of us.  During the recent years, surfing has become one of the most favorite sports of many people from everywhere. A number of people go to various places to look for the best surfing spot.  These people like the excitement of being on the surfboard and letting the waves to do their thing. It has been said once that once... [Read more]

Reasons to Visit The Dutch Garden England

The Dutch garden is stated to are actually brought to England by William III, though some of its features might happen to be discovered there before his day. It was an adaptation of the French and Barocco types, hardly to become known as original, but comprising specific features a minimum of person. This individuality was due for the restricted extent of terra-firma and for the abundance of drinking... [Read more]

Opting for The Easiest Cruise vacation packages For Your Vacation

If you’re making plans on a cruise vacation, step one you’d ideally take is to look for the most efficient cruise vacation packages available which are not just price efficient but will provide you true price for cash holiday plans too. Cruise vacations have transform rather a craze in this day and age among holiday goers around the world. From carnival cruises, to festive and romantic... [Read more]

Things to do in Gran Canaria

The climate in the idillic island of Gran Canaria has been described as perfect by locals and tourists alike . The all year round temperatures ranging from 22°C in October to 26°C in August make Gran Canaria a perfect destination for Winter escapes as well as Summer Holidays. Gran Canaria is the second most populated island of the Canary Islands after Tenerife with a population of... [Read more]

Make Sure Your Travel Insurance Claim Is Paid By Reading The Fine Print

Just about everybody has some sort of travel insurance, nevertheless it is uncommon that you need to actually put it to use.  Accordingly, you never truly know how easy it truly is to file a claim and how often the insurance corporations will try to get out of paying a claim. What I really wish to know is the facts about how some things just don’t get covered.  I learned of one... [Read more]

The Tourist Industry in Austria

So you need to vacation to Austria. Good, you’ve created a wise  option. Austria is considered a single with the top year-round  take a trip destinations. As a result of its beautiful Alps, winter weather  sports are really famous in Austria, supplying Austria with  higher tourist attendance inside winter months and giving you a reason  to journey to Austria any time... [Read more]

Nearly Half price Tickets for Stomp – 49% Discount

A totally unique theatre experience which has thrilled audiences all over the world, STOMP makes music from the mundane. Combining elements of theatre, dance, comedy and percussion, this award-winning show at the Ambassadors Theatre turns the clutter of urban life into the source of infectious rhythm and wonder – see it now! Stalls and Dress Circle Offer Valid Monday to Friday Evenings,... [Read more]